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Rave Towel Reviews

Our tester wasn’t expecting much from this drab swatch of fabric, but the Discovery Trekking Extreme Ultralite Fast-Dry Towel impressed him: It packs small, absorbs water well, and doesn’t stink, even when multiple rainy days keep it from drying out...

Backpacker Magazine Review

...Beyond its function as a towel, our tester has pressed it into use as a damp cloth and neck shade under a hat (ala the French Foreign Legion) and a pillow case. OK, so we’re impressed by a piece of fabric. It’s true. But it’s hard not to be impressed when something not only performs to the level advertised, but exceeds expectations as the Discovery Trekking towel did...

SNEWS's Reviews

For want of a better description, they're calling this the 'Travel Towel', but it seems there's
nothing this towel can't do. It's lightweight, soft, smooth, thermal, stretchy, quick-wicking, permanently anti-microbial, and it comes with an SPF sunblock rating between 15 and 40, depending on the color. It is made of the same stuff as the most advanced athletic wear (and, as a bonus, scientifically designed to permanently repel odor-causing bacteria)...

Resourceful Traveller column, Chicago Tribune

When traveling from one place to another one of our biggest issues are weight and space in our luggage. We found about Discovery Trekking Outfitters and their amazing towels. After using them for the first time we instantly fell in love with them. We have the Extreme Ultralite Towel and the Ultra Fast-Dry Towel. Both are perfect for traveling, as they are not only lightweight and compact but they also dry super fast. The towels make every traveler’s life easier and more enjoyable...

Travel To Blank review

"Ultra lightweight and practical..."

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We are pleased to be able to offer our line of Special Edition Prints which have clearly left an impression on competitive swimmers everywhere. Read more about these fun towels in our blog.



So this boxer personally chose the Extreme Ultralight towel as it matched his trunks really well. He's feisty and although not very tall - quite stocky so packs a mean punch. He also sweats a lot which is why he needs that towel.