More Products by Discovery Trekking Outfitters


Discovery Trekking Outfitters has several innovative product lines. To view them see our Discovery Trekking Outfitters alternative site.


Discovery Trekking is a manufacturer of technical outerwear and next-to-skin custom clothing. We offer a great selection of hard to find Performance Fabrics for sale by the yard.

Moisture Wicking Pillowcases 

Pillowcases that wick away moisture and kill bacteria to keep you dry and comfortable.

Equine Saddle Skirt

A wind and water repellent riding skirt that protects your expensive saddle from rain and snow while keeping the rider warm and dry.

Sosecure Swim Briefs

Sosecure Swim Diapers are an effective and discreet reusable swim diaper for adults, youth, or children dealing with incontinence.

Curves Covers

Discovery Trekking has been manufacturing washable protective covers for Curves franchisees since 2004. Enjoyed by thousands of clubs worldwide, these covers are made from the highest quality durable stretch fabric that withstands wear and tear like nothing else.