Discovery Trekking Roots

Leslie Hanes, founder and owner of Discovery Trekking, has a passion for designing clever products. Her company Discovery Trekking, is a family-owned business employing local talent and operating under the mandate of working to improve community in the Vancouver Island town of Campbell River. Leslie’s reason for existing…“We love adventure, travel and the outdoors and it is this love that has been the inspiration for the products we make."

The development of our travel towels came from the desire to have a compact, lightweight and fast drying towel that would stay fresh smelling for days without washing and that would be made of something other than microfiber. We didn’t like the feel of microfiber on our skin or that it got stiff and scratchy. For us one of the biggest challenges was to develop a towel that would stay soft and feel nice against the skin. This was what led us to create the Ultra Fast Dry towel and soon after, we also came up with our even lighter weight Extreme Ultralight towel.

Tested worldwide

Discovery Trekking Outfitter towels have been tested and and reviewed by dozens of independent gear specialists. When a product is featured in BACKPACKER Magazine's Essential Gear Guide, you know it’s good. Top outdoor industry Gear Reviewer SNEWs gave our towels a 5 out of 5 for functional perfection! An independent review also came from About.com: Mat Luebbers, one of the foremost authorities on swimming said "this is five-star swim gear..."

Imagination and Innovation

Although the driving force behind the products we produce, has always been imagination and innovation, it’s especially important when the end product not only serves a purpose but also make a difference in the lives of others.


Our involvement with organizations such as Canadian Humanitarian where we have contributed towels to the Test of Humanity bike race to help raise money to provide vulnerable children in Ethiopia access to health care, education and the basic necessities of life or the Peace Corps where we provide gear to new recruits joining up for overseas service are part of what fuels us to provide practical and utilitarian products that improve people’s daily routine. We are proud of the little things we can do that truly help our community…like designing and donating bags to local cancer patients to hold their chemo treatments. These mobile chemo-bags are never sold…they're provided as need dictates to the regional hospital, and patients are never charged.

We might drop in unexpectedly...

We take customer service seriously and have been known to hand-deliver an order while on vacation in a foreign country. Whether you're in our retail store or are ordering a product online, we will ensure that your experience with Discovery Trekking will be a good one.