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Extreme Ultralight Travel and Sports Towel-SPECIAL EDITION PRINTS

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Practical and Luxurious? Travel towels can be both!
These 58" x 34" towels have all of the same amazing qualities as our Extreme Ultralight Towels and come in cool prints, for a towel that is as unique as you are!
Traditional travel towels can get stiff and scratchy after a few days.
These towels are NOT Microfiber!
Made from a silky high tech fabric that outperforms other towels. 
  • Feather light and compact
  • Dries quickly even when the sun isn't shining
  • Odor resistant technology discourages bacterial growth, keeping towels fresher between washes
  • Essential gear for backpacking and travel

Discovery Trekking towels will not get stiff and scratchy or leave you covered in fuzz. They offer high sun protection and sand won’t stick to them at the beach!

This towel was developed for ultralight backpacking and won’t weigh down your pack. It is whisper light and compact, allowing you the luxury of a multi-use towel on your trip. The safe antibacterial treatment keeps odors at bay between washings. Towels remain soft and supple. Don’t let the softness fool you, you’ll wear out long before this towel does!

This is Not a typical towel, for best results don’t rub, just pat skin dry.

Machine wash and dry. 

Limited Quantities.