Grab Bag Ultra Fast-Dry Sport and Travel Towel

Grab Bag Ultra Fast-Dry Sport and Travel Towel

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It's as easy as picking your desired size.  We pick the color for you!  Our Grab Bag Ultra Fast-Dry towels are the same as our regular Ultra Fast-Dry towels but are either temporary overstock, discontinued colors or have minor flaws that do not affect the towel's performance.  

The Details

  • Sample image may not be representative of styles or colors available
  • 1 grab bag = 1 towel
  • If more than 1 towel is ordered, shipped colors may be different or the same
  • Large is 34" x 58" and weighs approximately 9.4 oz
  • Medium is 28" x 34" and weighs approximately  4.9 oz
  • Extra Small is 10" x 13" and weighs approximately 1.1 oz

If color is important to you, please go to our regularly priced Ultra Fast-Dry towel page.